Tax and Spend Legislators Skirt Taxes

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Calling these legislators hypocrites would be offensive to the regular hypocrites.  They would need a promotion to be considered phonies.  Even the First Amendment to the Constitution would not protect me from calling these people what they really need to be called.  How can it be considered other than a complete betrayal of the citizens of this state for legislators to go to Madison, pass bills that will raise taxes on the citizens, and pay no taxes themselves.

When election time comes, you can darn well bet that these people will be out touting what great citizens they are.  They shamelessly promote what good businesspeople they are, yet when tax time comes, they have so many losses that it exceeds their revenue.  What good business sense are they portraying? Do they somehow launder all their personal expenses through their business? This somehow qualifies them for public office. Yet they take your hard-earned money and spend it as they see fit. Then want more. It's for the children. There ought to be an investigation. It's not for the children, it's for their own selfish interests. Some claim to be lawyers, and still have no income.  How good of a lawyer can they be if they have absolutely no clients?  I would rather take legal advice from a notary public.

Also on their campaign literature would be what good family members they are.  If their parenting skills are as good as their business sense, they had better reserve a cot in the penitentiary.  We will be finding out as soon as one of their offspring is tried as an adult.  The non-taxpaying legislators ought to be locked up too.  It is quite obvious that they are not in office to serve others.  They are there to serve their own selfish interests.  They are an embarrassment to the people who actually pay taxes and Wisconsin.

How can the citizens of several districts reelect these people that the Journal Sentinel has named as legislators that do not pay any income tax?  See the Monday, September 8 edition.  They are both Democrat and Republican.  So both parties have some work to do in the area of ethics.  If these people love taxes as much as they think they do, why do not, they contribute?  There he needs to be a citizens revolt to get these deadbeat taxpayers to pay taxes like the citizens they are imposing increases upon.  Line 50 is just a minimum.  If these legislators want to see prosperity in the budget for the State of Wisconsin, they had better contribute.  It's time for them to lead by example.  It's time for them to walk their talk.

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