Local Liberals Love Elevated Levys

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Although local liberals are out waving the banner looking for change at the national level, back on the local scene, it's business as usual -- raising your taxes.  Yes, the same people who are blaming the current administration for making life worse, once again want you, the taxpayer, to go through the effort of earning money so they can take it away from you and spend it as they wish.  This is the same group who have been screaming for relief to working families that they are struggling putting clothes on their kids backs, putting gas in their cars to go to work, putting food on the table, and making the mortgage payment now want to take more money from these people in the form of taxes.

The city of Milwaukee has just enacted a wheel tax. The good news is this tax is not imposed on everyone.  It's only imposed on responsible citizens who own private transportation.  Only on the citizens who legally register their cars.  It will only be imposed on those who will pay, not who should pay, not who can pay. You can darn well bet that 13 out of 19 county supervisors will also be watching how this goes over.  So look out, citizens of Milwaukee County, it's going to get a lot more expensive to live here.  Also on the agenda for these 13 of 19 county supervisors is the 1% increase in the sales tax for Milwaukee County.  And again, the County Board has proved that these are their only two ideas.

In a headline that looked like it came from the Onion, Mayor Tom Barrett vetoed the measure.  I'm sure he only vetoed it knowing that it was going to be overridden and enacted on the city's citizens.  A tax-and-spend liberal like Tom Barrett would never oppose any tax increase.  More recent headlines have indicated Mayor appear at the favors increasing fees for city services.  So when is a tax not a tax?  When its proposed by a liberal.  After all, there are only taking your hard-earned money to improve the quality of life.  You earned it, they will spend it.  If you think any differently, the Liberals have a label for you: bigot.  So get back into lock step.

Politicians at all levels are calling for fiscal responsibility.  That is all levels except county and city government.  They still believe that they can not only taxes to prosperity, but that they can expand government and public bureaucracies to create a modern day Eden.  Well, I don't know who's passing out the apples, but we know who is trying to convince us to take a bite.  And they're not talking from a limb in the tree of knowledge.

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