HarleyFest: Good Times Had by All

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Here in southeastern Wisconsin, we often say that we like certain environmental values.  Like peace and quiet in our home neighborhoods, cleaning air, and hassle free traffic patterns.  There are only two things that could interrupt our veneration for these values: the Green Bay Packers and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Well, the Packers are still in preseason, but Harley-Davidson add another landmark birthday.  The city celebrated by doing what it usually does-making the absurd appear usual.

There were, perhaps hundreds of venues for all fans of Harley-Davidson to procure beer.  What could be more celebratory than thousands of visitors from all across the United States to get themselves all hopped up and then drive around places of the unfamiliar?  Why, of course, let's blame auto drivers for not looking out for the motorcycles.  After all, aren't we used to 100,000 motorcycles in the area every day? Buy American. Milwaukee Iron. Hometown Hero.

The television news coverage was also a joke.  At least one station had a couple of writers were going to ship their bikes to the edge of the United States and ride back, blogging the whole time.  Who wouldn't be interested in that?  Why would you have your bike shipped to a distant states to ride back with?  I evidently am missing something.  Why not write both ways?  If you're hiney is going to be to sore make the whole trip, then just drive to Chicago and back.

And where are the global warming people on this?  Why would one character a truck just to ship a motorcycle across the country and ride it back?  Just from a gasoline point of view, it seems completely wasteful.  It would also seem rather wasteful.  Just to drive around the city for days on hand, doing nothing but riding a motorcycle.  Hasn't anyone thought of the carbon emissions?  Oh yes, it only applies to SUVs.  Or do we get a carbon holiday?  In that case, we should have gotten some good gasoline without being watered down with ethanol.  Makes sense.

Seemingly, when there's money involved, the conventional commonsense can go out the window.  Things are fine as long as people open their wallets--chains and all.

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