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Last week, like many Americans, I watched the television coverage of the Democratic national convention.  As a result, I have come to conclusions about several different things.  First of all, there are a lot of weird looking people in America.  There's really no blanket statement, you can make about the crowd that was there from the camera shots provided.  Some people were dressed professionally, mainly the politicians and speakers in suits.  Some people were dressed in business casual.  Others look like they were on the trading floor of Let's Make a Deal.  Monty should have pointed them to the curtain and maybe they could have stood behind it.

Also, America is in worse shape than recently reported.  Even to the most cynical, the glass was completely empty.  Apparently the change we are looking for is more dependence on government.  Whenever you're not down, you don't get up in dust yourself off.  We wait for a governmental program to bail you out, no matter what your situation.  And if one is not available, hopefully, one will be created in the next administration.  Overspending, lack of self-control, and sticking it to "the man", well those are the change we are looking for.  Other than that, there was no real substance.  I wasn't really looking for it, because I knew it would not be there.  It was a show for the mass audiences.  It lacked any kind of substance that one can almost give it a Montgomery Burns award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence.

One implication that stands out for me, is how Joe Biden, a senator for 36 years is a Washington outsider, simply because he took the Amtrak back to Delaware every night.  I have spent far too much time trying to make sense of that undertone.  It will be interesting to see the attacks on each other in the upcoming weeks.  We all know they are going to be nasty and negative.  Fortunately, we like that in Wisconsin.  It reminds us of the supreme court races.  We are only left with about nine weeks to decide.  How do we want to vote?  Do we want to vote for the first black president?  Or do we want to vote for the first female vice president?  Both sides should have plenty of say, on why your vote is wrong.  Do we really want to vote our president into office based on fear and prejudice? (or attempts to circumvent these?)  Or do we want to move on to issues?

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