Punching the Democratic Ticket

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From all the analysis that I have heard, I believe I am the only one who is not surprised that Barack Obama did not pick Hillary Clinton to be his running mate.  I thought it was fairly obvious that the Clintons and the Obamas do not like each other.  And why would they?  They had a long hardfought drawn out primary season that has resulted in some bad blood.  Although Hillary promised to campaign wholeheartedly for Barack Obama, you can see that her level of sincerity is quite low.  Former President Bill Clinton does not have any nice words to say at all about the nominee.  Yet both plan to speak at this week's convention.

Joe Biden is a very good pick for the Democrats.  Although the Democrats won't admit it, he will compensate for a lot of the weaknesses Barack Obama has.  Being in Washington, 35 years, he must be part of the problem there, that the Democrats are complaining about.  He will now solve that by saying things opposite of when he was a candidate himself.  He will now say that Obama has enough experience to be outstanding in the office.  He all of a sudden got qualified according to Joe Biden.  Obama's judgment suddenly got better also.  And, of course Biden will now turn his back on his longtime friend John McCain.  That's politics.  That's anything to win politics.

It is going to be an interesting week finding out where the Democrats are going to stand on the important issues of this election.  We're getting down to the final 10 weeks.  It's time to discuss issues.  The number of homes McCain owns is not one of them.  I'm surprised Obama would even bring that up, because now the Republicans can revisit how Obama bought his house with the help of convicted felon Tony Rescoe.  Yes, the campaign is going to get more negative and more nasty.  Whatever became of these new kinds of politicians?  The more we seek change, the more it's politics as usual.

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