Somebody Needs Toastmasters

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Presidential candidate Barack Obama has been referred to as an eloquent speaker.  This label has come from both fans and critics alike.  When he is in front of the TelePrompTer on the podium, he is at his best.  The John McCain camp, often shakes in its boots at the thought of going mano a mano in a forum that would favor this type of set up.  However, when he has to speak off-the-cuff, the story is quite different.

Last weekend's presidential forum in California, showed much different speaking styles for both presidential candidates.  Like a view of their issues, their speaking styles greatly contrasted.  It seemed like Barack Obama could not say three words without at least one of them being an 'ah' or an 'um'.  After over a year and a half on the campaign trail, I would expect to see some improvement.  Whenever Obama tries to speak extemporaneously, his speech is riddled with a bunch of empty sounds like the 'aahh'. One would think that his advisers would have made them aware of this.  He must think it is adding volume to the content of the speech, but yet it is not adding any weight to his message.  The 'aahh sound for Barack Obama has become packing peanuts.  It adds nothing to the message, but tends to be annoying.

Another thing that I cannot figure out is how someone who has been talking to church groups for 20 plus years of his public life, yet is still pro-choice.  In past elections, it was the Democrats and the Liberals who cried out for church and state separation.  They did not want freedom of religion, they wanted freedom from religion.  Now his deep and abiding faith is going to steer the Constitution?  God help us.  What did he mean by that half thought up answer about abortion?  He should have known that a church group would have been asking a question about abortion.  He is going to defer that to someone with a higher pay grade?  Was that supposed to be a reference to God?  A higher pay grade?  Anybody who has been to church in the past 20 years knows that God does not handle money.  He's all-powerful, all-knowing, but just can't seem to handle money.  That's why He keeps asking for more.

John McCain, in contrast to Obama, did not have as many 'ahs' and 'ums'.  Of course the Democrats can't be satisfied with this fact.  They have to construe this in to believing that McCain was being briefed on the questions while Obama was in talking to Reverend Warren and stammering his way through the answers.  No,ahs and ums will not determine the outcome of the presidential election.  But however, we elect in November is going to be touted as the leader of the free world.  It would be nice if he could communicate effectively with out needing a TelePrompTer in every situation.

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