Barack Obama Solves All Problems in America

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Barack Obama is planning a no lose situation.  Just like he did in the primary season, he is shifting his positions so that there is very little difference between him and his opponent.  This way, we will vote based on personalities.  And who has more charisma in this presidential race?  We all know the answer to this.

Obama has shifted his plan.  That was once solid as a rock on bringing the troops out of Iraq.  16 months-no compromise.  This is how what will be.  Like it or lump it, it could be just carved in stone.  Now his once steadfast position on offshore oil drilling is now changed.  Just like his opponent's stance, it is now a good idea.  Well, it's not the perfect solution, but the will have to do it anyway.  The good news is, there will be enough oil sold by the American companies to lay a hefty windfall profits tax on them.  This of course, will finance a tax rebate for all American families.  Who could argue with that?

I can feel relief at the gas pump already.  This coupled with inflating my tires has extended, almost doubling, my fuel efficiency.  We had the solution to high fuel prices all along.  For 30 years, we did not put air in our tires.  Why didn't we think of this earlier?  After all, we are the ones we've been waiting for.  We also have to be sure to tap into that strategic oil reserve that the United States government is hiding from us.  Taking 10% per year won't be too much, because in 10 years were going to be completely free from foreign oil.  Even Al Gore would tell you that.  And he even got more votes in a presidential election than George Bush.  But what would happen if we still need oil 11 years from now and we think that prices will be high then?  Once the reserve is gone, it's gone.

Barack Obama has long claimed that John McCain would be serving George Bush's third term.  And John McCain has fired back that Iraq will bomb would be serving Jimmy Carter's second.  No, that's not much of a stretch, but which one is more false?  Jimmy Carter once addressed the nation in what was termed his 'malaise' speech.  President Carter blamed the citizens of the United States for many of the problems of his time.  He lost a lot of support from the American people that was never to return.  Somehow, there seems to be some parallels between this and putting air in your tires and blaming English-speaking citizens for not knowing Spanish when the illegal immigrants come to town.

So what's next?  Perhaps breathing too much will put too much carbon dioxide into the air and cause global warming.  Maybe we watered our lawns too much, which caused geological shifts underneath the roads and the potholes occurred. Paying too much for food? Put on a belt and tighten it up. You won't be looking for that second helping of mashed potatoes. Perchance we cared too much to not be able to stand by silently and not ask questions. We need to find the answers because the future belongs to us all.

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