The Future for Oil

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Only a few short weeks ago, it seemed like everybody was complaining that gas was reaching $3.50 per gallon.  Now we are cheering, because gas is $3.75 per gallon.  The price of a barrel of oil has never been more volatile.  Do we need to import more?  Do we need to drill less?  Do we need to seek alternative sources for energy?  Sometimes I think that if I could just get crude oil out of my life, it will rid me of a lot of uncertainty. 

Or would it?

For over 100 years, we have had the automobile fueled with gasoline.  As much as we believe that we will convert all of our automobiles to electrical fuel, natural gas, or fuel cells, the conversion is actually going to take many years.  We must consider the question of drilling.  Yes, it may take years to see some relief, but let's look at the alternative.  Higher prices and more importation.  Do we really want to sit back and do nothing?  Even a little bit would be something.  Imagine how we felt when gas dipped below the four dollar mark.  Do we really want to see four dollar per gallon gasoline or are even higher?  We may know it's coming, but we don't need to rush its arrival.

Drilling will be tough on the environment.  Yet, do we have the infrastructure to change life as we know it?  Can this be done in a short period of time?  Sure, Al Gore is challenging the United States to get off oil in 10 years.  But let's be realistic about this.  Al Gore is not offering to do any of the work.  Going around lecturing to see if other people will do the work is certainly not leadership by example.  And we know by the reports of his energy use at his Tennessee home, he is not leading by example.  I challenge Al Gore to take on the NASCAR industry.  What could be more wasteful than driving 400 miles in a circle only making left turns?  This is done with 43 cars in over 40 races per year.  Yet the Al Gore crony's only want to blame people driving SUVs.

Although a lot of work is being done to research and develop alternate sources of energy for both houses and cars, the solution is still years away.  Higher taxes on energy is not the answer.  Electricity has to come from somewhere.  That somewhere is usually natural gas and coal.  If we divert all the natural gas to producing electricity, how will the people in this area heat their houses?  Solar panels is not completely the answer.  If we have a lot of cloudy days like this snowy winter, we had last year, what are we going to do?  Burn our old furniture?

If we want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, we must drill domestically.  Like it or not, it may be a short-term solution to the transfer of wealth to the Arab nations.  And why Al were living with the short-term solution, we can develop the long-term solution of alternative sources for energy.  And we cannot depend on the oil companies to do this for us.  We did not get into this situation in just a few years.  It took about a century to get here.  We cannot afford to wait another century for a solution.  But we won't have one by January, either.

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