When Doing Nothing is Better

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Last week, once again, the members of the Milwaukee County supervisor's board had to reach for the Zoloft and phone number of their closest grief counselor as their efforts to irresponsibly raise taxes upon the citizens failed.  Not long ago, after they've raised the issue of imposing a wheel tax to support public transportation in a county, it was dismissed as a stupid idea by sane taxpayers and most everyone outside of the Milwaukee city Council.  Then two efforts were raised to increase the sales tax in Milwaukee County by 1%, to fund parks and public transportation.  It was vetoed before it could even be put on the November ballot.  In some ways, I would like to see it on the ballot so that the responsible voters could send a message to these elected officials, showing how much this idea could be shot down.

Unfortunately, many people have forgotten the vision that the Milwaukee County Board had only eight short years ago.  The members of the County Board at that time, decided that the transportation and parks departments were doing so well that they could use all the other tax money, which was coming in through the current sales tax, the current property tax, and all the others, and put the tax money surrendered by the citizens directly into the pockets of the retired county employees and their own.  There is no Dobbert Park, there is no Ott Bus Depot, and there is no Ament Childrens Play Area. Yet Milwaukee County paid these three individuals enough money to create these sites and maintain them for years to come. The money went directly into the ease people's pockets. It was the vision of a supervisor's board then to make entitlements out of money that could have sustained the bus system and the park system.  Yet these systems are now broke and a county supervisors are trying to squeeze more tax money out of fiscally responsible citizens of Milwaukee County.

Even though the supervisors in a rare instance of fiscal responsibility have staved off raises for themselves until 2012, Elizabeth Coggs-Jones is now whining for a gasoline allowance of over $300 per month, which of course would result in the equivalent of a 7% raise.  What ever happened to the concept of public service being about serving others?  Being a county supervisor seems to be about serving yourself.  Coggs-Jones has served herself so much she needs to get her big butt on a bicycle and stop worrying about the price of gas.  The gas price went up for everybody.  Coggs Jones is whining about this because Michael McGhee collected this mileage allowance while he was sitting in jail for the last year of his term as alderman.  She needs a better role model. Holloway is no better. He believes people will pay the tax instead of driving to another county to shop because of high gas prices. Not only is he wrong, he should be ashamed of himself for thinking so little of his constituency. They are in fact putting their money in his pocket via taxation.

It used to be a bad sign when elected officials did not do anything.  When the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors does nothing, it is a better sign.  They only have two ideas.  Raise the sales tax and create a wheel tax.  They need to find new sources of revenue.  Isn't that why we elected them?  They need a raise, why?

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