Change Who Will Believe In?

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Is July 1 approached, it became time to change the calendar.  For Barack Obama, it became time for him to change positions on one of his bedrock principles.  Being the presumed nominee for president this fall, someone should have clued him in that Democrats usually do not change their positions until just after the elections.  Just ask Jim Doyle.

For the first six months of this year, Obama stood firmly on his position to be antiwar, and to begin withdrawing troops as early as January 2009.  Now he has changed his mind and will not withdraw the troops that fast.  But what about all the voters who cast their ballots for Obama almost solely on this issue?  The war in Iraq was supposed to be a cornerstone issue for the presidential election in 2008.  Just like 2004.

If there's one thing we look for in presidential candidates, its consistency.  Right or wrong.  Political admirers for decades have praised Ronald Reagan in his consistency of his message that he had for 20 years.  He stood for lower taxes and opposition to communism.  Somehow in his eight years of presidency he was able to accomplish them in some form.  Even as much as the critics nowadays have increased their opposition to George Bush, he has stayed consistent with his message of taxes his plan for Iraq no matter how flawed it may have been.

And now after a couple of months of poo-pooing John McCain's gas tax holiday, Barack Obama is coming out with his own energy rebate.  After declaring McCain's plan as being a gimmick, what will Obama's be?  The $38 McCain's plan would have produced was not enough.  And with tax-and-spend liberals, a little ain't enough.  Tax-and-spend liberals were not even satisfied with the economic stimulus plan given to us by President Bush.  $600 per person was not enough for them.  But no Obama is going to give an energy rebate to the American people to assist them with higher fuel prices.  His plan would make sense because it is going to be financed by the windfall profits placed on the oil companies.  And the tax-and-spend liberals believe that taxes placed on businesses are not passed on to the consumer.  This is just what Jim Doyle wanted us to believe when he was proposing a big tax increase.  We know how far that got.  For once, not too far.

Yes, elections are about the future.  But it is time to ask the question, will you be better off for years from now?

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