What is a Carbon Footprint?

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What is a carbon footprint?  I would bet that if you asked any number of people, what a carbon footprint actually is, you could not get to people that would be able to define it for you.  Even if they did, it would only be in the very faintest of terms.  Apparently it has something to do with the amount of garbage that you may use in your lifetime, the amount of energy you consume, and any flatulence that may sneak out.  Nobody knows what a carbon footprint is, but we know that it is not good.

The global warming advocates, would have you believe that anything you did in your lifetime that contributed to a pile of garbage, or even a wastebasket anywhere would lead to premature demise of the earth as we now know it.  But how was it calculated?  I had recently watched a program on TV, which was talking about carbon footprints and how big, one person's carbon footprint is when you add in all the diapers and pop bottles that would've passed through their hands during their lifetime.  Just before the commercial, they did the big tease: how big is the carbon footprint for a cheeseburger?  Now they had my attention.  I had eaten many cheeseburgers in my lifetime.  I even had a job being a short order cook in which I had prepared many a cheeseburger.  I was anticipating this open-minded.  If nothing else, it could've been the basis for comical material.  I sat and waited through 3 1/2 minutes of commercials.  I sat through to a half minutes of program while I waited to get to where this cheeseburger formula was going to be revealed.  The hour was closing in.  They finally got back to the subject of the cheeseburger.  And what is the size of a carbon footprint of the cheeseburger?  And I quote: "It is very large."

It is very large.  That's as close as they would come to calculating the carbon footprint of the cheeseburger.  I was extremely disappointed.  Even if it lacked the truth that most of the other global warming information had or did not have, I was expecting something calculable.  After all, they put together an hour's program (less the 14 minutes of commercials, of course) and they left me hanging.  Could they be more vague?

Well, there you have it.  As provable as anything that has come out in the area of global warming.  It is inexact, piled high, and it does not smell very good.  It's a carbon footprint.

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