A Little Ain't Enough

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Well, last week we learned that Barack Obama, changed his mind and now found that it would be morally correct to forgo a position that formerly was a cornerstone to his campaign.  He would not except federal funding to finance his campaign for November.  This way he can get more money from all his donors so that he will have enough to buy the presidency in 2008.  You see, the federal funding would not leave him enough money to do this.  The public amount would be too small.  And as we know, a little ain't enough.

I don't particularly have a problem with this, because I do not believe that campaigns should be federally funded.  They should not be funded publicly at any level of government.  We are currently wasting enough money on bloated bureaucracies that adding to it through public campaigns is just not necessary.  Having supporters send in their own money as a nontax deductible contribution makes better sense.  It's almost like a voluntary form of taxation.  Too bad the money never goes to anything of real value.  If we took the money that was going to campaigns and redirected it to infrastructure, education, science, etc. just imagine what could have been done.  It is estimated that about one half billion dollars is going to be spent for someone to obtain the presidency.  A half billion dollars spent on promising things that may never get delivered.  A half billion dollars spent on shoving the word 'change' down our throats. 

What kind of change is actually coming?  Will there be relief in gas prices?  I doubt it, because as we know Obama thought that McCain's tax relief suggestion for the summer was a gimmick.  It would only bring about $38 of relief to the average driver.  $38 is way too small.  A little ain't enough.  What about new sources of drilling?  According to Obama, that will take several years and provide little relief.  Perhaps only a few cents a gallon.  Even though drivers would certainly appreciate any reduction at the pump, none will be coming because a little ain't enough.  If we had started drilling years ago, we would already have the oil that we will now wait for four plus years for in the event we elect a new president again in 2012.

What about tax relief?  Obama will again promise the middle-class a tax cut in order for him to get elected.  This new change of course will be similar to the one promised to us by Bill Clinton in 1992. That one, the middle-class is still waiting for.  The tax rates were last lowered for the poor in the lowest tax bracket by our current President Bush.  But, for the sake of getting elected, let's pretend that did not happen.  Obama will tax our way to prosperity, if he is elected.  After all, this tax reduction only resulted in about $50 saving per taxpayer.  So why even have it?  A little ain't enough.

This love fest between Obama and Hillary Clinton is enough to make a person puke.  Sure, the Democratic Party is looking for unity, but after a hard fought extended primary season, how can he expect anyone to believe that they are now the best of friends.  (Or BFF and off for those out there who know what that means.  I don't.)  Even Bill Clinton, who passed out phrases of questionable believability during his presidency, is experiencing in a lot of trouble bringing himself to make nice.  I appreciate his sincerity.  I only hope for America, is that these two do not continue to stump together.  If covered by the media, their lack of genuineness is enough to make a person run for the Prilosac.  And of course we are going to also have this shoved down our throat on a daily basis again and again.  The bias in the media will mandate this.  It's going to be one big sloppy love fest.  Who wouldn't want to see this about a thousand times?  A few wouldn't be close to plenty. A little ain't enough.

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