A New Kind of Machiavellian

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Last Thursday Journal Sentinel reported a story about how Barack Obama would opt out of the public financing system breaking his pledge with the American people he had made earlier.  This is of course purely political.  For Barack Obama it is just another event in a series of moves that will prove that he is just a regular politician.  He's doing things purely for political gain.  This is based on public reaction to what he would normally do.  Just like quitting his church.  Or wearing the flag lapel pin again.

By forgoing the public financing, he will now be able to accept potentially hundreds of millions of dollars for the general election this fall.  Is this change we can believe in?  Is this a new kind of politician?  It's politics as usual.  So why would the candidate who wants us to believe that he is going to change things and do things differently and have been done in Washington for well over 100 years becoming the same kind of politician that we have grown to know and hate.  The voters who cast their ballots for Obama in the primary season wanted just that-change.  What will they be getting?  Politics as usual.

Barack Obama has continually contrasts the cost of the war in Iraq with updating of the infrastructure of roads, bridges, schools, etc. What about the money he is raising?  Instead of bombarding the American people with phone calls, advertisements, et al just think of the opportunity cost of the money he is raising to put himself in the White House.  For Obama, the end will justify the means.

It bothers me that someone from my generation who began with so much promise, so much hope, would began his campaign by emphasizing his strengths are bringing people together, looking to the future for a better America, and changing how business is done in Washington has resorted to business as usual, politics as usual, and anything to win.  Anything to win may have been a good philosophy for the Packers brought to us through Vince Lombardi.  However America's future is much too important, much too critical, to throw away four months to screw things up for four more years.  Character and integrity do matter.  America cannot afford to elect another president worthy of impeachment.

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