The tax-and-spend liberals want more of your money.

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It seems like the tax-and-spend liberals are at it again.  We had just gotten past the point of discussing how dumb the wheel tax is as a source of revenue for the county and they are again discussing raising the sales tax for Milwaukee County.  Any time the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors sits down to think of new ways to increase revenue to improve the part transit systems, they only have two ideas.  1 Wheel tax -- 2.  Sales tax.

It's as if they come into their meetings, and say let's think of new ways of raising taxes.  Of course they write two of their own two taxes they can think of , the wheel tax and the sales tax, and after that, their heads start hurting and so they just end the session and conclude that they will just cycle through those two ideas.  When one idea gets shot down they will just go back to the other one.  They have no other new ideas.  None.

The tax-and-spend liberals on the County Board of Supervisors will then go out to the community and explain that they are attempting to do some leadership.  They believe that reaching into their own pockets as well as everybody else in the county makes this fair and admirable. They somehow believe that they are improving quality of life of everybody by picking your pocket for their own political interests.  And apparently they have some sick sense of sensibility on how will they are doing the work of Jesus, St. Anthony, and Robin Hood all rolled into one. Take from the haves and give to the have-nots.  And they would create these groups if they do not exist.

It seems as if there are not enough people who have left the county to erode the tax base enough to satisfy these tax-and-spend liberals.  When everyone is on the receiving end, who will be the payer?  As a solution, why do they not proceed to collect from the people who are in arrears on their property taxes?  I was surprised and disgusted by the amount of people who have not paid their property taxes.  If the county and the local municipalities were to collect their due taxes, raising taxes could become a non-issue.  Governments, school boards, et al could run their budgets efficiently if the taxes were collected by the property owners who have not paid their fair share.  One can look around and see that the people who are arrears in their property taxes are certainly not hurting to put pork chops on their dinner table.  I have seen examples of home improvements that seem quite extravagant.  This is because you save a lot of money by not paying your property taxes.  And of course there's the issue of people who feel absolutely no guilt about not paying their property taxes and sending more than one child to the school system.  What is the justification of fairness here?

There seems to be a lot of work to do for the tax-and-spend liberals rather than forcing more money out of those who can pay and do pay.  It's time to look for fairness.

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