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It has been almost a week since the end of the Democratic primary season.  And we still don't know who Barack Obama's running mate will be.  Will it be Hillary?  Will it not be Hillary?  Even though conventional wisdom would state that it is much too early to speculate and to decide on who the running mate will be, there has still been about three months of speculation.

Did the end of the primary season come with a bang or a whimper?  It depends on who you talk to.  Is the Obama/Clinton ticket, a dream ticket or the nation's nightmare?  Again, it depends on who you talk to.

Hillary Clinton, once criticized for not conceding and pulling out of the race on Tuesday, has since been praised for her speech he gave on Saturday, endorsing Obama and trying to sway of all her voters to stay with the Democratic ticket and elect Obama.  Mistakes abound, her quest for the presidency has ended.  For this year at least.

Last week, while the press corps for Obama boarded an airplane for Chicago, believing the candidate was going to go home for a feud days of rest and relaxation, Obama gave them the slip and stayed in Washington, DC.  Instead he finally met with Hillary to discuss the future of the presidential campaign.  He will be the nominee, she is out.  They had a secret little meeting at the Washington home of California Senator Dianne Feinstein.  What was discussed?  We can only speculate, because no one will really know.  No observers were present.  There were no advisers, no press, and the flies on the wall do not speak English.  Wasn't there one report were Dianne Feinstein was to sit in the next room and turn the gramophone on rather loudly?

Well, the pressure is on.  From now on until November, there can be no mistakes.  Candidates will have to avoid a character assassinations, the mudslingers, and the muck rakers.  It's already too late to make a vow not to go negative.  I would like to extend to both candidates a non invitation.  I do not want either candidate to be calling my house, pretending they are really on the other end and talking to me.  I don't want local politicians pretending they are doing the same.  I don't want the unions to be calling me telling me how to vote.  I can and will be making the choice on my own.  I do not want to be bothered by the 527 groups.  I'm not interested in their interests. 

It seems like it's going to be a fast summer and a long autumn.  It's a long road to November.  Let's make it an interesting one.

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