The Do-Nothing Legislature

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In the early 1950s, President Harry Truman, regularly complained about not being able to pass the legislation through Congress that he thought would be better for America.  He blamed the 'do-nothing Congress.'  It seems like we're having a similar situation with the state legislature.  They can't get anything effective completed.

The budget deficit has become a perennial mess.  Drunk drivers and inattentive people on cell phones pack the streets and highways.  There is still an outrageously high gasoline markup law that has been declared unconstitutional.  Yet is still in force.  Entitlements like badger care and enrollment numbers that have far exceeded the estimates when the law was passed.  This sounds a lot like the retirement scam at Milwaukee County passed just under 10 years ago.  Yet time and again, there are press releases that members of the state legislature are introducing bills to become laws as if things were actually be accomplished.  Tax-and-spend liberals are always trying to pass new, higher taxes.  At least there are enough people in the Legislature that have stopped huge tax increases.  I will acknowledge that.  How many times does it take to get the drunk driving laws straightened out?  Drunk drivers have been around since automobiles began being popular.  Yet every time that there is a death by a drunk driver, at least three legislators offer new bills that will get tough.  I guess they all were pretty weak.

The ethanol mandate is another area that the state legislature cannot seem to find a way to correct.  Every day, every week, every month, every year, drivers are forced to spend money on gasoline products that perform poorly, waste money, and pollute more than conventional gasoline.  We are supposedly led to believe that this will keep money from going to the middle east.  Well, not really.  It is also lining the pockets of legislature who have muddied up and partnered with ethanol producers.  From the field to the refiner, political interests are trumping concern for the citizens of this state.  And there will be no end in sight.

Out-of-control spending and excessive taxation need to be addressed.  Accomplishments, real accomplishments have to be made.  That is why we send 132 legislators to Madison.  And about 115 of them will be looking for your vote this fall.

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