Democratic Do-Over

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It seems like the Democrats want it both ways this year.  At first they wanted a well contested primary season.  Now they have a new slogan: Hillary get out!  At first he wanted all the votes counted, just like they did in 2000.  Now they want to forget about Florida and Michigan.  At first they wanted their delegates to the proportionally assigned.  Now, because Barack Obama does not have enough delegates to secure the nomination as of today, winner take all may not have been a bad idea.  However, if the delegates were a signed on the winner take all basis, the nomination would have been secured by Clinton.  Not even the Democrats want that.

What happened to Barack Obama?  Six months ago, he was the eloquent speaker.  His audiences lapped it up like a hungry cat at a saucer of milk.  America was hungry for the message of optimism.  It's what we wanted.  It's what we need.  We want to be inspired.  We want to be told by our leaders that better days lie ahead.

There were even a couple of times when we thought that if we had Barack Obama, and John McCain as our major candidates that we would not have been nasty, negative campaigns that we have grown to know and love every four years.  Where are the issues?  There's not much talk of solutions to make the economy better.  Yet there's plenty of finger-pointing.  There's no grandiose plan for solving a the energy crisis we are in.  There is only the usual rhetoric of how the other person is wrong.  We've gone from 'change we can believe in' to 'my opponent is certainly wrong.'  We have gone from 'words matter' to 'that's not what I meant to say.'

As the race goes on, some days it seems like it has gotten very interesting.  Then, everybody wants to hop on the get rid of Hillary bandwagon.  The Democrats wanted everyone to have their say, they wanted everyone to join together and unite.  Now it's divide and conquer.  And what does the future hold?  I don't know but I'm sure that it includes higher taxes, bloated bureaucracies, and larger governments.  Are the citizens of this country going to be convinced that through these actions that we will be creating for ourselves a modern day Eden?  Will we be better off for years from now?

And you thought the last eight years were rough...

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