Noise Noise from all these Toys

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Several years ago I attended a meeting of a local government.  As an open offer to all the citizens, they would start out each meeting by opening the floor to any in attendance who could speak on any subject.  Although open ended, I think he would have steered it to subjects of local interest for which the governmental body could address.  At this particular meeting, a citizens stood up and voiced his concern over the amount of noise in his neighborhood, which bothered him.  He told of many Sunday afternoon's he would be relaxing in his hammock taking a nap in his beautifully landscaped backyard.  Then, uninvitedly a group of motorcycles came off the street and drove back and forth quite loudly, past his house repeatedly.  This bothered him so much that he has to have a noise ordinance put in place to prevent such an interruption in the future.

Well, the chair of the meeting said that there was a noise ordinance already in place, but could not do too much about the motorcycles.  At this, the citizen stated that he did not like all of this motorcycle noise, reiterating his concern.  And again the chair of the meeting, almost began to laugh at the citizen at such a ridiculous request.  After all, they were probably Harley-Davidson's and seeing that Milwaukee is the headquarters of Harley-Davidson, not too much could be done.  In fact, nothing would be done.

As I think back on this situation, I think the citizen who voiced his concern  should've been taken more seriously.  As communities change, we seek more diversity and more tolerance.  But why does tolerance always have to be at the person who wants more quietness always has to surrender their values for the loud and obnoxious?  It's almost always never the other way around.  As you move into summer, we should be able to open our windows without the invasion of loud car stereos and poor taste in music.  Sure, everyone likes music just not your music.  Not everyone wants to go deaf either.  Destroying your hearing is not an accomplishment.

Many people claim motorcycles, save money by getting better gas mileage.  Unquestionably, that may be true, but if you're driving around going nowhere, where do the savings come in?  There was once a political cartoon published once, which illustrated how putting gasoline into an SUV will funnel funds back to terrorists.  However, because someone drove a Harley-Davidson, that did not happen.  Does the gas that goes into a motorcycle come from a different source than for an SUV?  The cartoon was not clear.  Yet it was trying to send a message, but only to SUV drivers.

As the weather gets warmer, I hope to be able to spend more time outside.  And while I'm doing the things I enjoy outside, I do not want to be forced to listen to somebody's taste in music, loud motorcycles, are people talking loudly on their cell phones.  Like the citizen who spoke in front of the governmental body, I believe it is within my rights and expectations to be able to enjoy some quietness.  I should be able to make my house, my home.  If nobody notices, that's just fine.  I will do it for me.

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