Emmisions Testing-Did Anyone Notice It's Backwards?

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In a move that makes almost no sense, the DMV has moved to exempt older cars from required emissions tests.  Now I do not believe that more government regulation is needed in my life, but doesn't this moves seem a little backwards?  Isn't it the older, less maintained cars that cause more pollution?  Aren't the newer car supposed to be the ones that are more fuel efficient?  How did this get out of Madison?

Madison, being one of the most liberal cities and the country, I would expect that the last thing that they would to is exempt  older cars from being tested.  Isn't this contrary to the global warming theory?  More pollution is going to cause more greenhouse gases that will in turn, keep the planet and boil us all.  And now Madison is letting this happen.  And they go further to say that the reformulated gas and more ethanol will cut down on the pollutants that are coming out of cars made pre-1996.  Yet I still have to ask, whose brainchild is this?  Who thought it would be a good idea to inconvenience the people who are driving the war, well maintained cars and to give a complete pass to the old more polluting cars?  It's got to be the Doyle administration in action.

In the justification, it says that testing older cars is too expensive.  It's cheaper to test the new ones.  This must be a different set of liberals, because most of them would rather do what is right for the good of the whole community, no matter what the cost.  Why the sudden departure of global warming school of thinking?  It defies all logic.  It even defines the logic of the radical global warming people.  Isn't this what the high are registration fees is supposed to pay for?  It certainly hasn't gone to better roads.  This almost seems like the classic dumbing down school testing-only test things that you know can be an easy pass, right up the results, and then report how things are getting better.  And of course they would get much better with better funding.  So, let's summarize.  Only cast newer cars, omit polluting cars, do this as a cost cutting idea, and raise the price of registration to cover it all.  This sounds like an idea that has come from Larry the Cable Guy.

With brainpower like this coming from the administration, I believe the future can only hold the implementation of policies such as the following: if a person looks too young to buying cigarettes, do not card.  If you are sitting at a bar and are so intoxicated that you should not be behind the wheel of a pickup, you are required to drive yourself straight home.  If you are constantly broke, because you cannot handle your money, you will be issued a supplemental stored value card to cover some of your expenses.  If your house is poorly insulated causing you to use twice the amount of natural gas to heat it that your bill is extraordinarily high, but customers who can pay for their heat will be charged extra to cover your loss.  If gas becomes too expensive for you to buy, the government will provide empty buses to drive around the city hoping you will change your mind and use public transportation.  Heck, you can even riding along with people who have the measles.

Fast forward -- some of these may even be policy now.  Since I don't know who thought that up, I can only credit the Doyle administration.  One would think with a good idea like that, the thinker upper would be looking for his or her due credit.

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