Giving and Taking

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The deadline for filing taxes has just passed.  So how did you do?  Did you pay enough?  Did you pay too little?

I believe one of the benefits of our current tax system (yes there are a couple of good things in here) is itemization.  I believe the way the system is right now will encourage homeownership, higher education, and charitable giving.  Advocates for a flat tax or the fair tax will disagree.  We should be able to choose some of the not-for-profit organizations that we wish to support and have tax favorability for it.  We can donate to either the church of our choice or a cause for which we believe in what the national head injury foundation or the American Cancer Society just to name a couple.

However tax-and-spend liberals will disagree with this.  They would rather have governments collect money from everyone and then spend it through bureaucracy or government program for institutions of their choice.  And then of course they will force their interests onto the rest of us in the form of higher taxes.  There are some things that the government should be providing for a solely: streets, street repair, filling in potholes, things like this.  Governments should also be providing national defense, public instruction, and some social programs.

However when taxes go up, without a corresponding wage increase like we're seeing now, there will be less money to select our own charities while we are forced to fork over more in the form of taxes.  To those of us who are not the very wealthy like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, this reduces or freedom.  And tax-and-spend liberals like to think that they are preventing any loss of civil liberties.  However, if we do less volunteer work because they have to pay more taxes and cannot donate our time or money because as we believe in, what else can you call it?

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