The Bird for the Pope

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I swear there has not been a golf story involving a tournament in the past 10 years, where it also had to include the status of Tiger Woods.  There is also on another interesting parallel to this type of reporting, including the Catholic Church.  Or for that matter, any religion story involving controversy.  All references to Catholics have to include a tagline about priests molestation.

There was a time when the pope would come to the United States, and there would be pomp and circumstance.  Now there's just circumstance.  Of course, there's only been three popes who've come to the United States, however it's ruined for them already. Here's some examples: It doesn't matter if there is news coverage of a bizarre cult- at least they're not as bizarre as the priests.  How about that compound of fundamentalist Mormons with bigamy?  All those children are still not as bad off as the altar boys.  And the Branch Davidians?  The priests attacked the boy is there too.  And what if Reverend Wright is wrong?  Well, he's still not as wrong as the priests.  Attacks like these are commonplace on the Catholics.  Unfortunately, there's no one sticking up for the Catholics.  It's become acceptable and politically correct.  Yet it's plain wrong.

Not all of the Catholics have been molested.  This may come as a shock to many.  If the same attacks were done to Muslims, have the world would be up in arms.  Even though they are at much smaller percentage of Americans.  The same can be said of the Jewish people.  I'm not condoning or excusing the behavior of the priests who did do people wrong, but can we try to cut down the numbers from every mention?  It's time to move on.  I am getting compassion fatigue from the constant victim mentality.

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