What Climate Change Advocates Don't Want You To Know

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If you've been outside lately, have you noticed anything changing?  Does it feel like the universe is getting warmer?  Perhaps it's the earth, getting warmer.  Maybe it's climate change caused by man.  Maybe spring has finally arrived.

One piece of news that you are not going to see on TV is scientifically based on what has actually been happening with the surface temperature of the earth.  You may see it in a newspaper or of course it will be buried.  This is the fact that they temperature of the earth has actually gone down 1° from last year.  This is that I only watched temperature that the left-wing media has been convincing us that is climbing higher at an alarming rate.  It is the subject, that Al Gore is now dedicating his life to.  It may even be a topic for the presidential contenders later this year.

The stories that have been brought to our attention about how the ice is melting on the polar caps contains a huge bias of reporting this only during the summer on the respective pole.  This past winter, when we have experienced year record snowfalls, we have had no mention of the glaciers are getting thicker on the North Pole.  We only know that Antarctica is thawing.  Or so, we have been told.  If the world has had its own sons of resilience and did its own correcting  while we have been running in circles, asking what to do.

It seems we didn't have to throw out all of the SUVs.  The temperature corrected with a limited number of Priuses is that are on the road today.  It happened with limited amount of knowledge that we have with the compact fluorescent bulbs.  But how?  We didn't even get started with a government mandated program to play solar panels on every building from village to town.  This happened despite the very small number of windmills that are being planned or opposed.  This happened despite not yet reaching the four dollar per gallon price of gasoline (As of this writing).

Critics also say that we are on the brink of disaster because in the past eight years we have not done anything to reverse the trend of global warming.  This administration has received criticism for not doing anything at all.  Although I agree that we should not be reckless with the environment and the planet, we must also not act in haste, wasting resources with more feel-good legislation that will also do absolutely nothing.  We were pleased here to be guardians of the planet, but also, we proclaimed ourselves to be responsibly self-governing.

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