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Last week, while I was listening to the radio in the afternoon, I came across a segment by Mark Belling.  In this segment, he was just about to blow a gasket over how he believes he is one of the few people, who is aware of the latest move to increase just about every tax there is and how he believes he is the only one who is coming out against all of these needless tax increases.

I know how he feels.

Just when you think that all of the taxes are raised high enough to break the backs of everyone, there is a new round of tax increases.  Tax increases that were recently defeated come back from the dead, like Jesus on the third day.  Pun intended.  The hospital tax that was defeated and opposed by large segments of the populace, have come back with new vigor and new support.  Are there new payers for this tax?  Was a pot of Gold suddenly delivered?  When it comes to paying taxes, we all know the answer to these.  The taxes are going to be paid by the same group of people who pay all the taxes in this state.  The working class.  I find it increasingly difficult to believe that the Democrats who believe that they are for the working people of this state, are pushing ever harder to increase more taxes sooner.  Someone must change the definition of what tax hell is for them.

However, there seems to be a decreasing amount of opposition.  Are people getting worn down and giving up?  Or are people suddenly beginning to believe that bigger taxes, larger bureaucracies, and a more wasteful spending is the solution to our problems?  The tax revolt is over.  I too believe that I am a growing minority, or is it a decreasing minority of citizens opposed to needless tax increases.  Jim Doyle himself was once quoted as saying that the problems in the state are not because the citizens are taxed too little.  But apparently he believes citizens should be taxed more.  His actions certainly say that.

If we do not stand up in opposition to tax increases, we will be knocked down by those who somehow get vim and vigor at the thought of spending on everybody's money-your money-my money.  After all, who earned it?  Should the citizens of this state be allowed to have more say in their own money?  Not according to the Democrats.  I guess I to did not realize that fighting tax increases was going to become a full-time job.  The number of people calling for tax increases seems to be increasing, yet to oppose, we stand alone.

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