Sales Tax Increase is NOT the Answer

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Once again local Democrats are offering their sullen view on how much quality of life has eroded here in Milwaukee County.  The parks are in decline, bus ridership is skewing toward zero and the children are still sick and stupid.  And again local Democrats are urging us to hop on the bandwagon and support the only possible solution that will make things better again-higher taxes.

People are proposing an increase in the sales tax in order to make the buses better in Milwaukee County.  This did not work in Chicago and it will not work here.  Chicago is now one of the most highly taxed cities in America.  As long as we have Jim Doyle as governor, he will put his efforts into making Milwaukee number one in high taxation.  There is also that money set aside for new transportation in Milwaukee County.  $91.5 million needs to be spend on new methods of transportation.  This of course would be a gross waste of money because you cannot create a light rail system that has one small route that will connect the poor to the jobs.  $91.5 million will not cover the costs of maintaining this.  It can't.  The costs will go on forever.  And of course route upon route will have to be added further in breaking the backs of the taxpayer to create new rail system that will go somewhere.

The $91.5 million needs to be spent on the road repair.  Anyone who has been out on the streets in the past couple of months knows that this is a record year for potholes.  If bureaucrats do not want to plan street repair, they should use the money to subsidize car repairs.  This would be a better expenditure than creating a light rail system.

For 20 years the city of Milwaukee has elected mayors who have contempt for the automobile.  If you look at highway system, County government and city government have done more to limit the development of highways and any other major city in America.  I43 is too narrow, the Park East Freeway should not have been torn down, even the Marquette interchange has been scaled back.  It's not surprising that Tom Barrett does not have an opponent in his race for mayor.  One of the qualifications is to have absolutely no vision for the future of the city.

Scott Walker has continually been chastised for holding the line on property taxes.  He is the only one in elected office who has shown enough backbone to stand up for his principles.  Yes, bus ridership is down.  But raising taxes will not make it a better system.  Until there is some cooperation in terms of tax policy from Madison to make Wisconsin more business friendly so that people will create jobs and bring jobs to Milwaukee, where will the people ride to?  Jobs are leaving the state.  That's not the fault of the bus drivers.  More routes and more subsidies may not bring more writers.  Higher sales taxes will not improve the bus system.  Higher taxes will only bring the end of the line.

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