New Ideas for Old Ideas

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While out on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton promises to help the economy propel forward by having people put solar panels on houses.  In barren plains, there will be windmills generating megawatts of electricity sans pollution and extractive resources.  Are these new ideas for the 21st century?  No, they are rejected ideas from as late as the 1970s.

One of the curses of having a good memory is that I remember things from long ago vividly while trying to find more facts on these events that I had witnessed becomes increasingly difficult.  Even with the Internet.  One of these immense was an infomercial which would sell the average homeowner a wind mill.  They would hook it up to their electrical service to their house and would only need electricity from the power company when there would be long periods of no wind.  This would slow down your electrical meter.  What would make this even need more irresistible offer is that there was a law on the books that required the power company to buy the extra electricity generated by this windmill.  This would make a house virtually self-sufficient electrically.  You could even make money on this.  You would be selling your extra electricity.  But I must've been the only one who saw this infomercial because I did not see any windmills going up.  None.

Solar panels was supposed to be the next wave of home heating.  We have the technology.  Some houses still have solar panels.  But they also have gas meters.  Solar heating did not turn out to be the solution to becoming energy independent. It became a passing fad.

Even though we as a country must work toward energy independence, it has to be done right it has to be done economically, and it has to make sense. In the early 1940s, Henry Ford was advocating ethanol. It was not the answer then, and it is not the answer now. Research must continue to increase mileage and reduce greenhouse gases. These are the reasons for mandating its use. It's missing the mark.

Other opponents of windmills say they disapprove of the aesthetics of the towers. This may have some validity to it but the same coud be said about cellular towers. There are no plans to reduce their numbers.

Presidential campaigns bring out a lot of ideas for the future of our contry and society. People like to lead us to think they are new ideas. They should be called boomerang ideas because they keep coming back. No matter how many times they are thrown out.

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