State Government Falls Short

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Sometimes I find it arduous to comprehend how people could have voted for Jim Doyle for governor.  And he even got a second term.  The mishandling of the state budget is a humiliation to the citizens of the state.  How he can increase spending and expand social programs and think that he is not raising taxes is deception beyond postulation.

With the state budget falling short Jim Doyle is looking to manipulate a guilty conscience of the taxpayer into thinking basic services will be cut or eliminated due to the treasury shortfall.  Is he trying to get the electorate to thinking we must raise taxes?  He is even considering raising taxes.  When he's not calling them taxes.  Jim Doyle never does call a tax a tax. But he is bringing up again the subject of a hospital bed tax.  Somehow Jim Doyle wants us to believe that raising this tax is not going to be paid for by taxpayers.  How dumb does he think citizens are?  If this hospital tax is enacted, the state somehow gets $450 million in federal money.  This has to be some sort of a program drawn up by Democrats in order to get higher taxes.  Why else would you reward raising taxes?  To a taxpayer who has to pay the taxes, it does not make sense.  But to a politician, it does make sense.  Maybe if I shove my head up my butt far enough, I will be able to see their point of view.  On the local media outlets, Jim Doyle was asking the question, "How can it be a tax if you get more money for it?"  That is a thought process only a tax-and-spend liberal can comprehend.

Needless to say, life in Wisconsin is not going to get any cheaper.  The tax policies are going to send more citizens and corporate citizens elsewhere.  The only people left will be recipients of welfare programs, and those working for the government.  And when government employees retire, do they stay in Wisconsin?  Do they stay and enjoy a high standard of living they helped create by raising taxes on everyone?  Of course, we know the answer is no.  The lion's share move to other states will have lower taxes.

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