Democrats Banking on Failures

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If you've heard any of the recent rhetoric from either of the Democratic candidates who are still in the race to seek the nomination of their party for the presidency this fall, you know that the Democrats are looking for a whole lot of failures.  They looking from failures from the current Congress, they are looking for failures from Bush, they are looking for failures from the other candidates.  The more incompetency that is presented between now and November will only help them to look somewhat credible  if a Democrat is elected in November.

In speeches and rallies from both Clinton and Obama, they are preaching cures that the malice of the Bush administration have brought.  But George Bush is not seeking another term.  John McCain is not seeking the office to be a third George Bush term.  The Democrats don't sound as if they know this yet.  And President Bush has not helped the situation by acting like a lame duck for four years.  Democrats across the country are just salivating on thoughts of further failures that will make them seem like the savior of the nation's problems.

The Democrats are running as if 2008 will be a referendum on the war in Iraq.  They want this to be the number one issue.  However those of us who remember 2004, remember that this was also a referendum on the war in Iraq.  And George Bush got reelected.  The Democrats are trying to avoid the real issues that Americans care about such ends the economy.  This is probably done, in part to mask the fact that any Democrat elected in the fall of 2008 will bring about the largest increase in taxes that Americans have seen.  This may even out do the last largest increase, which was last done when a Democrat was in the White House- Bill Clinton.  We know Hillary Clinton's plans for America would include a large tax increase to pay for her health care plan.  Barack Obama is even more liberal than Hillary Clinton and will also not be shy about raising your taxes.  How does he expect to pay for all of this social programs?  In his campaign speeches, he claims he can do more by reallocating the money that is currently sent to to fight the war in Iraq.  Simply reallocating these monies will not reduce spending or balance the federal budget.

The Democrats also tout how proud they are that they oppose the war and everything related to it, including the patriot act and the bill allowing surveillance of suspected terrorists.  Yes, the Democrats have absolutely no reservations about trying to stop limits on personal liberties, but also have no second thoughts.  When it comes to reaching into the taxpayer's pocket and demanding more money for bloated government programs.  The Democrats are looking for change, and there is no doubt that they would bring change.  Perhaps this time it could be even more change than when a work to bring sweeping changes to the Congress in 2006.  Instead, we had another do-nothing Congress.  Americans do not fear change-the correct change.  Democratic change would mean that we would have less change in our pockets.  At this point in America, it becomes indigenous for us to believe that better times are ahead.  It would not palliate to seek failure as a prerequisite.

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