Put a Condom on the Condo Project

One day soon when we are reaping the benefits of global warming, i.e. getting rid of the snow, and actually having pleasant weather, I plan to take a bike trip up to 49th and Donges Road to give everyone a salute. So look for me.  I believe that you have done is admirable.  A developer has tried to come in, four times to put a condo project, where one is not wanted.  And the neighbors had said so, four times.  How many votes does it take?  And of course the way that the vote would take place would be unfair because if the developer got the one yes vote he is looking for, he would go ahead with his project.  At this point, he should be required to win five yes votes for a majority of the votes cast to go ahead with the project.

If that area does need to be developed, single-family homes should go there.  That is how it is zoned.  I do not see the benefits of infesting a residential area replete with single family houses with condominiums.  There are plenty of other areas to put condos and if you are bent on building condos.  Condominium living may be fine for some folks, but I do not need it to forced into areas in which it does not fit, is not wanted, and has been voted down-four times.  The citizens of the area went to Village hall in weather so cold you would be hesitant to open school that day.  (But that's another story), but braving the cold one night would be a lot better than watching the demise of your beloved neighborhood.  The people of this village, the homeowners especially, are investing between $100,000 and a half  million dollars for their homes in that square mile.  They are investing in the community and the school system with outrageous property taxes, but willing to do so in order to build and maintain a part of the United States in a corner of the world to call their home.  I'm proud to hear that they have stood up for what they believe to be right.  Not everyone is a pushover.

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