The Job Nobody Wants

May God bless John Wiley. I really don't know that much about him.  I did manage to pick up a few facts about him.  As a boy he liked to blow things up.  He was interested in explosives.  He did manage to stay enough out of trouble to finish high school.  Not real sure exactly what happened soon after that, but his story picks up when he becomes a graduate student in physics.

He may be Madison's last chancellor.  In a recent article, it was brought out on how little money a chancellor will make in Madison.  And the paltry sum is going to be paid to the next chancellor made drastically decrease the number of candidates and pauperize the poor soul who would accept the challenge of leading the flagship of the university system in this state.  As reported, the total compensation is $341,495. 

Let me repeat that. 

It is five dollars under $341,500 per year.  Who can be expected to live on that?

Let's put that into perspective.  Calculated to a per hour wage, it is slightly less than 10 times the current minimum wage.  And then adding $100 per hour to it.  When compared to other heads of Universities, it's at the bottom of this list.  It is well below the median income for heads of universities.  However, it does not take a student of linear equations to know that if everybody made the top level, there would be no median.  Of course we can't bring in logic to skew a story.  What is the point here?  Is this another example of why the minimum wage should be $500 per hour?  Are we as taxpayers supposed to demand a higher wage for this person?  Is the largest social problem that enough tax money is not going directly into the pocket of one individual?  Was there a comparison to how much state aid goes to the Wisconsin system versus these other universities such as Perdue, Ohio State, and Michigan?  How much is tuition at Berkeley?  How soon will there be an opening at the University of Texas that will immediately qualify.  The chancellor sitting at the helm of the University of Wisconsin?

Why doesn't the University sell the benefits of being in Madison?  What about the high quality of living that we have been Wisconsin due to the extremely high taxes that we pay at every level?  That alone should send about 28 résumés this way.  What about life choices?  Do people become professors and chancellors just for the money?  What about all the young impressionable minds that the citizens of this fine state want to send into the university system?  Does top dollar guarantee a top candidate?  It doesn't in sports.  And it doesn't in the other flagship industry of Madison-government.

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