Maximum Return on the Minimum Wage

It is the start of the legislative session and already the Democrats are bringing up the issue of raising the minimum wage.  It seems like every year, or at least every other year, there is talk of raising the minimum wage to make it a living wage again.  You know the kind of wage that you can raise a family on.  It is going to be raised to over seven dollars per hour.  And in one of the presidential debates, one of the candidates thought that that was not high enough.  They stated it should be raised to $9.50 per hour.  To a guy who started working in the minimum wage was less than three dollars per hour, this seems like a lot of money.

As a couple of things being lost here.  First, the minimum wage is just that-the minimum.  It is not designed to raise a family on.  You cannot buy a house or send your kids to college if all you do is earn minimum wage.  If you are earning minimum wage, and raising a family, you should've done a little more in terms of life planning.  Earning minimum wage is not meant to be shameful, we've all done it, however, once you start learning the job, and getting better at it, learning new skills, building a reputation, everything that goes into the working world, you should be earning a raise and not have to worry about the bare minimum. Remember, if you're selling your soul to the company store.  It's up to you to raise your price. If individuals took responsibility for honing their own skills, they would not have to rely on the legislature raising the minimum wage in order for them to get a raise every couple of years. Too often, low-wage workers have not learned the three key principles in what is used to determine their rate of pay: first, is the work itself. A lot of this is determined by the free market. Second, is how well will you do your job.  And third is the difficulty in replacing you.  Yet today, too many people settle for mediocrity.  We don't going to work with the intention of doing just average-yet too often, that is the result.

If the minimum wage is being raised to a living wage, why does it have to be raised every year or every two years?  One would think that if this problem is to be solved, it would raise the minimum wage to perhaps $50 per hour and the situation would be solved.  It seems as if the tax-and-spend liberals are not content with spending and wasting tax monies, they also want to spend business' money.  Why, it would make even more sense to raise the minimum wage to $500 per hour.  That way within one year, we can all be millionaires.  He would then have enough money to get caught up on all of our bills, pay all of mortgages, and gladly pay higher taxes.  This would solve everything.  Or so the government would have you think.

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