Is Iowa America?

We are about one week into 2008.  This is also about one week into the primary season.  This of course means that we are halfway to finding out who are nominees for the next president of the United States will be.  So far we have the results from one State: Iowa.  Going into New Hampshire, and subsequently super Tuesday, the media in America seems to be in love with the two top getters from the Iowa caucus.  Even know a couple of the lesser-known candidates have dropped out of the race already, some still think that the race is wide open, especially on the Republican side.  Let's hope so.

Candidates love momentum and America loves a winner.  I hope that we just don't rubber stamp what has already been done and keep piling on, without stopping to think about the future of this country and how this election is going to affect us.  I hope Americans understand the gravity of the situation.  One of the candidate's on this stage of the debates is going to be handed the presidency of the United States.  Along with it, all the glory and all the responsibility. They are going to be handed over the White House and the codes to the nuclear weapons. Tough times calls for great leaders.  If we look at going on on the world, and what's going on in the economy, we are reaching a pivotal moment.

As we become bombarded with sound-bites, we become aware of how important it is to listen to what is being said.  But the right questions have to be asked and they sadly are not.  There are no questions being post about the economy.  I guess it's assumed that taxes are going to be increased.  New programs are being proposed.  Deficit spending is the bad guy.  Yet we're being distracted by issues of immigration which while are important are being made more confusing by candidates tendency to tailor their message to what they believe America wants to hear.

And what about the question on religion?  Mitt Romney has continually been criticized for his faith.  However Mike Huckabee receives accolades for his references and indulgence with the Baptists.  Huckabee even went so far as to smarmily ask Romney technicalities about Mormonism.  I never thought I'd ask this, but, where is the ACLU and you need them?  Isn't the society for freedom from religion going to step in some time?  By now, all the Nativity scenes should be put away and the 10 Commandments hidden from view.

It's time to move on to substance.  I haven't heard the perennial rhetoric about and middle class tax cut or who is going to be the education president.  Have those things been accomplished?  If they have, they have left a lot of people out.  No, Iowa is not a statistical representation of the remainder of the United States.  Before I vote,  I'm going to need more questions answered.

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