Things to do while Driving

Change the radio station, shave, apply makeup, find a cassette tape, read the newspaper, talk on the phone, text, smoke, eat, discipline the kids, argue with spouse, give finger to other drivers, look for street signs, look for friends, dial the phone, cut coupons, search for dropped cigarette, scratch, takeoff coat, change shoes, read mail, read e-mail, look for map, search for gloves in glove compartment, program GPS, floss teeth, look for song on iPod, search for CD, pet dog, roll down rear window, roll up rear window, roll down the front window, drink, eat, think about beer, throw empties in backseat, . . .

As you can see there are many things that people do while driving.  Unfortunately, paying attention and being responsible to the other people on the road is often not among the list of things people will do while driving.  When I heard the statistics of how many cars have been prevented from crossing the median because of the cable barrier, I was quite surprised that number was so high.  Driving a car has more responsibility than people often realize.  Too many people view it as wasted time and then go on to accomplish many of the items in the above list and actual driving comes secondary.  Cell phones topped the list as main distractors of people driving.  This causes traffic jams, slowdowns, and of course accidents.  This leads to high repair costs and higher insurance costs.  If everyone would just hang up and drive, or pay attention while driving, we all would benefit.  So please pass this on to those who are not regular readers of Logos of the Bogus. We all need to get to our destinations safely.

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