Order in the Court Race

Judge: "Order in the court!"
Voice from gallery: "I'll have a burger and fries!"

Did you think that joke was funny?  Of course not.  It was too predictable, especially when you first heard it when you were in the fifth grade.  It was just too cliché.

Also, too cliché and predictable will be the nature of the upcoming Supreme Court election here in Wisconsin.  Others analyzing the upcoming race are predicting it to be one of the most costly and nastiest campaigns ever in Wisconsin.  It sounds a lot like last year.  Last year's race set the bar either too high or too low for how a nasty and expensive Supreme Court races should be.  Apparently, that's how we like it here in Wisconsin.

The races are supposed to be nonpartisan.  Can they be about issues?  The candidates obviously can't talk about cases facing the courts now.  They can talk about how they would rule on cases that are either in the court system now or would be coming up.  So what's left?  The races become personality based.  When this happens, the mudslingers, character assassinations, and muck rakers all come out in full force.  And we wind up finding out that the people running for this office are of little character and low integrity and would have to excuse themselves from cases they may be personally involved with.  So if we have seven people on the court, and one or two of them have to excuse themselves, what are we getting for our taxpayer dollar?  If the justice has to excuse himself from a court case, does he or she spend his time doing extra work?  Does he or she have to do a makeup case?  From what has come out of the Supreme Court in the past, it seems like they do extra legislating in lieu of deciding cases.

I will admit that I am not that familiar with any of the candidates for Supreme Court.  Yet, what I found out from the last Supreme Court race, I was not too impressed.  The voters are being asked to make a 10 your commitment to the justice system based on negative campaigning.  Citizens are being asked to make a decision on which candidate would be the bigger SOB and then vote the other way.  Is this how we want to run our justice system?  Last year I was so disgusted, I did not even vote for Supreme Court.  This year is supposed to be even worse.  If the predictions are true, will we ever be able to put confidence back into our court systems?

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