Time to Get Serious

In the time it will take us to sit down, get out a piece of paper and write down our new years' resolutions, you have to realize that even larger decision is at hand.  Instead follow contemplating what we want to do for the next year, more realistically in the next 2 1/2 weeks, we must decide how we want to be impacted for the next four years.

Yes, instead of deciding what we want for ourselves, e.g. more exercise, better food, less stress, the Packers in the Super Bowl, Americans will be selecting their candidates for the office of the president of the United States.  The importance of this should not be overlooked.  If we look at recent world events, we know the importance of choosing a leader that will take the United States in the best direction for all of its citizens.  The bad news is, we have to choose one out of a field of about nine.  Every four years.  It is our hope that the best of what America has to offer will rise to the occasion and become a candidate for president of the United States.  This year, we have the most open race of the last 50 years.  Do we have the best and brightest to vote for this time?  Unfortunately, we do not.

Just a scant couple of months ago, it looked like we knew who are candidates would be.  As we get closer to the first caucuses and primaries, it seems to be more up in the air.  As it should be.  The Republicans are looking for the next Ronald Reagan.  The Democrats are looking for... Bill Clinton?  John Kennedy?  Franklin Roosevelt?  I didn't see any candidate which fit the bill on either side.

The bad thing for the citizens of Wisconsin, is that by the February 19 primary things may be somewhat decided.  Even though we moved the primary voting date to the earlier to have an impact, so many other states did likewise, which may produce the same results we were trying to avoid.  Some candidates may drop out by this time.  After a couple caucuses or primaries, voters tend to hop on the bandwagon and and go with a candidate who is most popular.  The issues get pushed aside.  Let's not push them too far.

This can be an historic time in our country. One can only hope that the voters will be informed enough to make the right choice for the future of America.  We should not depend on late-night TV to present the candidates and their stands on the issues.  The days for voting are coming soon.  Are the voters ready?  Are the candidates ready?  Is America ready?  Throw out your New Year's resolutions.  It's time to shape the future.

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