If I could Stop the Globe from Warming. . .

I really tried. I really wanted to help.  I really wanted to believe the claims made by those who believe in global warming.  But if I try to make sense of it, it just does not add up.

It seems like global warming is the cause of everything.  It's too hot.  It's too cold.  There's too much snow.  There's not enough rain.  There are enough conflicting ideas to confuse just about everyone.  Now that there is snow on the ground and colder temperatures would think that that is a good idea, right?  But if it is cold, we have to burn more fossil fuel, which will add to the carbon dioxide levels.  Is that good or bad?  With rising fuel costs, I think warmer winters would be better.  But that would kill off the polar bears.  Even in the fall, as the leaves were turning, global warning was to blame for the colors not been very bright.  This was because the nights did not get cold enough to stop the photosynthesis in the leaves.  But if the leaves lived longer, but in a replace more carbon dioxide with oxygen?  Wouldn't that be a good thing?  Poor leaf color would also prevent more people from driving around in the country wasting gas and putting more pollution in the air.  Isn't this what the global warming movement is all about?

When Al Gore went to pick up his Nobel prize, he made a speech to all of those who did not believe in his cause.  He used a quote from Winston Churchill that Churchill used in referring to the National Socialists of that period of time.  So apparently Al Gore believes those who do not follow his cause are the same as those who were following Hitler in the 1940s.  Is this going to win over more people?  It makes his group look more like a religious cult.  And one of the bad religious cult too.  When the snow started flying all the people whose business it is to plow the snow were all happy.  They could make money by driving their trucks and plowing the snow.  Yet the people on the global warming side of things, told us to put down our snow blowers and use a shovel.  Why don't the global warming people be consistent?  If they were really serious, there would be more of a movement to stop snow blowers, lawn mowers, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorboats, and auto racing.

Fuel sources are also inconsistent.  We don't want to use oil, but electricity is okay.  Where is electricity going to come from?  We can't import oil, they can't drill in Alaska, and burning coal is out of the question.  Batteries were a good idea until someone discovered there was lead in them.  Newer batteries for a good idea until someone discovered there was mercury in them.  Even the compact fluorescent bulbs have mercury in them. They are not allowed in the landfills.  Perhaps someone figure out way to extract the Mercury out of them and reuse it. Yes, it's a deadly poison, but it is used to fill cavities in teeth. We don't want it in the ground, but we can suck on it for years and years.

Well, of course, I cannot even begin to scratch the surface of the inconsistencies in the global warming movement.  I want to do my part, but I have these thoughts that require things to be logical to me.  Until I can suppress these, I will be continuing to walk in my carbon footprint.

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