Can't Beat System

A couple of weeks ago CBS ran a feature story about the dangers and proliferation of prescription drugs.  They also took a  four day reprieve from their almost exclusive prescription drug advertising campaign between show segments. I don't know who they were trying to fool, it just shows a little bit of hypocrisy.

When I watch this newscast, I could not believe the amount of drug commercials on this program.  They have cures for diseases that have yet to be discovered.  They have drugs to counter act and the side effects of the previous commercial.  They advertise drugs that have side effects worse than the diseases themselves. There are drugs that have side effects that are the same as the disorder.  How do you know if they're working?  There is even a drug that will help you get off drugs.  How will we you know when that is through working?

The prescription drug lobby in this country is certainly very strong.  And the current administration certainly does not want to change that.  Will the next administration change it for the better?  I'm not convinced they will.  Back in the 60's and 70's drugs had a negative connotation of smoking marijuana and shooting heroin into your veins.  Nowadays the symptoms are so general every American could be prescribed something.  There was even a president who once declared war on drugs.  Well, my fellow Americans, the war is over.  The drugs have won.

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