Public Money for State Campaigns

It seems like Governor Jim Doyle is not at a loss for ways to waste the taxpayers money here in Wisconsin.  The latest game is to provide taxpayer money for statewide offices such as the race for Supreme Court. This is intended to do is to keep campaign coffers low, so that the special interest groups will not be providing 28 minutes of negative campaigning for every half hour of television programming.  I'm sure we all have fun memories of last year's elections, which gave us Annette Zeigler somehow after convincing most of the electorate that neither candidate would be worth a [vote].

This also illustrates on how the misuse of public funds is going to be done in Madison.  By checking the box on the income tax return, this will allocate five dollars for public financing of elections.  In theory, this does not raise taxes.  However, this will allocate money for elections which would ordinarily be going to social programs which the tax-and-spend liberals love so much and tout them for raising the standard of living here in Wisconsin.  With the money earmarked for campaigns, the social programs will again find themselves with not enough money to solve the issues for which they were created.  Tax-and-spend liberals will again be able to say taxes must be raised in order to correct this newly created imbalance.

The time has come for us to examine new ways of selecting Supreme Court justices.  The campaigns of the special interest groups are becoming more of a problem than they should be.  If the justices have to excuse themselves from hearing a case before the court, due to a conflict of interest, going back to their campaigns, who will be left to hear the case?  It would be just as effective to flip a coin at the circuit level and the best of two out of three of rock-paper-scissors at the appellate.

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