No Time for News


We knew the day was coming.  We knew it would be a big day for the media.  It was Brett Favre's retirement.  And with all of the Packer fans in Wisconsin who believe that they are the number one Packer fan, I did expect this to be a big story.  We knew it would even be the lead story.  But I did not expected to be the only story available on television's local news.  I did not expected to be the only story on television's local news for multiple days.

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A Letter to the Editor

Once in while there is a social issue that seems to affect a great number of people.  The smoking ban legislation is one of those issues.  When it comes time to debate, one side seldom listens to the other.  And if they are talking, they are usually screening.  But when people want to make a valid point, who they turn to?  If someone wants to discuss the medical aspects of smoking, do they ask their doctor?  No, they ask the editor.  If people have a question on policy, do they ask their legislator?  No, they ask the editor.  If someone has a question about a civil liberty, do they ask a Supreme Court justice?  No, they ask the editor.

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State Government Falls Short

Government, Politics, taxes

Sometimes I find it arduous to comprehend how people could have voted for Jim Doyle for governor.  And he even got a second term.  The mishandling of the state budget is a humiliation to the citizens of the state.  How he can increase spending and expand social programs and think that he is not raising taxes is deception beyond postulation.

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Democrats Banking on Failures

Politics, taxes

If you've heard any of the recent rhetoric from either of the Democratic candidates who are still in the race to seek the nomination of their party for the presidency this fall, you know that the Democrats are looking for a whole lot of failures.  They looking from failures from the current Congress, they are looking for failures from Bush, they are looking for failures from the other candidates.  The more incompetency that is presented between now and November will only help them to look somewhat credible  if a Democrat is elected in November.

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How to Vote this Tuesday


à  The day is finally coming.  The day when we as Wisconsin primary voters will finally have a say in a presidential race. How historic is this day?  Is it a watershed moment?  Is it a tipping point?  Is it just another primary day in Wisconsin?  The answer is; depends on who you talk to.

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