Is social security good or evil?  What about the Supreme Court, good or evil?  Public schools?  Military service?  Was the anti-slavery movement, good or evil?  How would one judge these things as good or evil?


Is marriage good or evil?  Is gay marriage good or evil?   How about the Senate?  Is nationalism good or evil?  How about our economic system, our political party system, our voting system?  What is the basis for judging?  Would a proposal for eliminating the Senate be good or evil?


Is free education for everyone good or evil?  Is a program for a minimal living standard for everyone good or evil?


Have we established social standards for what is good or evil?  Is what our political parties believe by nature good and the opposite beliefs evil?  Do we inherit our political beliefs or do we logically study and accept them in objective and intellectual ways?


How do we measure good and evil?  What are the units of measurement?  


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