Middle East: More dangerous than ever

The United States has never been known to have a good grasp on foreign affairs and international relations.  In fact, worldwide involvements on the part of the USA have been embarrassingly stupid.  Not that we have not occasionally had good intentions.  But good intentions don't solve international problems.  A little bit of intellect and a little less capitalistic greed might help.

When it comes to "intelligence," we need only to look at the Central Intelligence Agency.  The CIA is given billions and billions of dollars to provide the national government of the U.S. with service and information in international matters.  How is it doing?  Well, the CIA had no idea, for example, that the USSR was about to collapse.  We had been fighting a cold war with the Soviet Union [USSR] for decades.  It was, or should have been, the number one priority in supplying our government with intelligence.  Yet the CIA did not have a clue that the Soviet Union was going to collapse and dismember. 

From the very beginning of our nation's involvement in the Middle East, we have acted like ignorant bullies and uninformed dolts.  When the people of Iran voted a government into office through a democratic election, we thought Mossadegh was too far left politically.  What did we do?  The CIA managed to help to overthrow this democratically-elected leader in Iran {Mossadegh] and got the Shah put back on the throne in Iran.  The arrogant and insensitive tyrant that the Shah was has caused us to lose any possibility of credibility in Iran, to say nothing of the entire Middle East.

When George W. Bush, a man of limited aptitude, was elected President of the U.S., he put in place an administration made up of other people of limited intellect.  That wasn't bad enough, he chose men who had already announced absolutely absurd notions about the Middle East.  Their stupid agenda was so horribly composed that people with knowledge about the Middle East screamed that these oafs were wrong and would bring about dangerous consequences.  Nevertheless, the likes of military-industrial kooks like Dick Cheney and his right-wing "soldiers" instructed President George W. Bush about actions to be taken in the Middle East.  In the process, Cheney's old boss, Halliburton, was given no-bid contracts worth billions of dollars.  War, especially invading Iraq, was good for the war hawks friends in the war industries.

Now faced with new problems in the Middle East, one has to wonder if the Obama administration has enough intellect and background knowledge about the area to act constructively.  Naturally, doubt prevails.  The "new" problems in the Middle East are to a great extent a result of the stupid mistakes made by the U.S. in the past.  All this means that it is more important than ever to make wise and careful choices.

We are now faced with a Middle East in which arms are everywhere.  Many of them are of our making.  But more than that, individual nations in the Middle East are using these weapons and this power to express actions that are more explosive than ever before in that region.  Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the Emirates, etc. are all acting out internationally without any announced agenda.  And the U.S. is not often informed about what these nations are going to do militarily or politically.  Throw militaristic Israel in the mix, and a global explosion is possible.  The proportions of such possibilities are almost incomprehensible.

We need people who know and understand the Middle East making decisions for the U.S.  So far we have never exhibited such knowledge and understanding.  Are we heading for a major catastrophe?

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