My religion starts with the notion that God put us on this disastrous planet, this belief starting with the support of the myth of Adam and Eve.  Obviously other organisms were here before, the snake, as an example and fruit trees. 


We were placed here not only to deal with all the dangers of this life-threatening ever-changing planet but also to care for each other, the meek and the poor, our brothers and neighbors, the sick, the children, the elderly and our own families. 


The rich especially are to be the most generous to as many as possible as their wealth will keep them out of God’s kingdom, entrance for them a task as impossible as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.  They must rid themselves of this weight. 


Recognizing we are not all born equal to each other, the rich then have the greatest obligation to their fellow human beings.  Just as Jesus threw out the moneychangers from the temple of God, my religion finds no use for them either. 


Government’s main purpose is to help to fulfill all of the requirements established toward others as indicated here but also to do so for the love of God. 


Free enterprise is not rejected by this religion as it was not by Jesus but the system is to be gentle toward God’s children and their life’s needs.  Survival of the fittest is not a recognized principle here nor is “to the victor go the spoils.”  Greed is not and cannot be made into a good but it’s what it has always been, a recognized evil.


Killing and when organized as in war and imprisonment as a form of social punishment is forbidden along with stealing and any unfairness toward others. 


Nationalism for the purpose of carrying on war and to take from others is of no value to mankind.  Cultivation of love and kindness is the basis of my religion.  Our war, my war is against poverty, man-made and natural disaster.


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