Congress agrees: water may not be wet

 Blaming President Obama for problems emanating from Washington is a situation in which nobody ever looks in the mirror.  Obama is not to blame for the mess in Washington.  Yes, he has made mistakes, but he is human.  Now I wonder what species members of Congress are?  

Imagine 435 homo sapiens in Washington assuming that doing nothing is a solution to America's problems.  Difficult to comprehend.  But it is the way of national politics in the U.S. today.

What is additionally alarming is that the Republican Party in Congress believes that this can be used to form a sort of modus operendi for themselves.  Do nothing.  How's that for a "platform"?  Do nothing.  How's that for serving the American people?  Do nothing, and be proud of it.  What extends the goofiness out even farther is that there is a bloc of people in the Republican Party who think that the GOP is not going far enough in doing nothing.  Yes, it is the stuff of fairy tales and horror stories.

Obamacare?  Reform of the health care system in the U.S. has been called for from the time of President Teddy Roosevelt.  But Congress cannot free itself from the greedy grip of special interest groups.

War in Iraq justified?  Are you kidding?!?  The George W. Bush administration lied to us about what was threatening us in Iraq.  We were lied to about many things in order to justify the greed of the American military suppliers [e.g. Halliburton].  We were lied to about "victory" in Iraq.  And so it has gone.  Meanwhile we spent over two TRILLION dollars in the war in Iraq and lost thousands of American lives.  The Congress found the unity to approve this illegal war ...and fund it with lives as well as money.  In case you missed it: two trillion dollars!  And we wonder why we had a recession.

As President Obama has tried to lead us out of the recession, Congress has taken on the juvenile position of doing nothing.  Doing nothing.  How's that for mature reasoning?  Has Obama made mistakes?  Yes, of course.  Many.  But the solution to mistakes is not to pout and do nothing like a spoiled brat.  

Would you like to see these members in Congress bring some semblance of unity back?  As for many more billions for the military machinery and suppliers.  Congress will bring a unity in their greed votes. Try to return more money to the insurance companies who profit from the health care industry.  You will find greed begets Congressional unity.

Here is the U.S. Congress in summation:  vote to cooperate with the President will only bring about a "no" vote to any proposal.  Vote to increase military expenditures and you will find a majority willing to join in with the greedy industries to vote "yes."  Throw out Obamacare and return to special favors for the health care industries will get a "yes" vote.  Greed rules.

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