Rather than build walls and fences, why not establish a transitional zone of about 3 to 4 miles wide along the border.  The zone would be for the purpose of developing transitional border towns at appropriate locations. 


The towns would be populated with as many permanent residents as possible and both governments would provide facilities and services for those crossing the borders either way.


There would of course be two-language towns where one would be comfortable speaking either language.


Services and facilities would be provided for people moving in either direction. 


Schools would be provided especially for learning the other language. Whatever border patrols might be required would be based in these towns.  The towns would provide all usual services.


They could also be developed as vacation and recreation towns and even as special shopping communities and places for industry.


There initial purpose would be to encourage those crossing the border to do so legally, coming through the towns to obtain visitors’ and workers’ cards bringing them through legally.  Many may even stay and become residents of these towns. 


Let’s do something positive utilizing present social movements and make the border area a positive place rather than a place for confrontation.  Naive, eh?  



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