War films and war stories fascinate children, more perhaps than most adults, although adults too show great interest in war stories, some at more sophisticated levels. 


This seems to be a human characteristic not traceable to genes.  It seems more tribal associated and in more recent times carried on to a type of national emotionalism.    


We can observe this hostile characteristic even with political party relationships within countries.  Only in few cases do we see political party disagreements result in more that riot-type conditions


National security and military preparations have become one of governments’ main policy concerns and even within nations that seem at peace with their neighbors.  As an example, although the U.S and China do not have any serious direct hostility situations, we expect at sometime some may arise and that we’ll be at war with China.


With China’s growing economy we expect that at some point that we will have conflicts and we are watchful as to expansion in various elements of China’s military.  We suspect that they are watching us in a similar way.  Some in this country act as though war with China is inevitable.  It’s all a matter of when.     


It would seem that in today’s sophisticated world that we would instead cultivate peaceful long term intensions and programs that would move us in opposite directions than toward war so that we could avoid the type of conflicts that would lead to this “inevitable” war in the future.  “Oh! How naive.”


We were once in a war with Japan to destroy each other and now we have more peaceful oriented programs with Japan than with some countries we consider as close friends.  We could have developed close relationships with Russia and we seem now to have missed our chance.


Human beings seem to find it easier to prepare for war than for peace.   We could, it seems, try to reverse that trend.  Perhaps a United Nations actively oriented toward programs of peace rather than toward programs where the UN serves as war referee might be a better way to serve these long-term peaceful goals.


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