Closedown the Senate, as it makes no sense in today’s terms, with two Senators from each State representing States with wide population differences such as that of California opposed to population of Vermont, for example.


Rid our selves of the party system and open political office to anyone who wants to run; therefore rid our selves of primary elections as well.  Limit House of Representative members to three terms.  Make monetary contributions supporting candidates illegal.  While we’re at it, get rid of the Electoral College.


Give a slight premium or bonus to voters who vote at each election.  Qualify as many citizens as possible and encourage voters to vote at all elections.


Limit the terms of elected officials and terminate professional politician as a job category.


Establish a progressive tax system and a special tax for one million-dollar or more income earners to be paid directly toward reducing the debt.  



Now if we want to get really idealistic, provisions will be made so that the President of the United States will appoint members for the newly elected Congress to head each of the Committees. 


The Committees may after 45 days chose their own Committee heads.  A Committee made up of Committee Heads will meet with the President every three weeks to discuss their activities and their intended projects in the coming weeks.


Except for security items, these Committee reports will be made public.  The media will at the close of these meetings be invited in for discussions and information.


The Congress shall be in session during every month of the year for at least 3 weeks and for four days of each of those weeks, exceptions for members when they are on informational gathering trips. 



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