The scam of U.S. politics

   Whether you are a political right-winger or left-winger, honesty does not exist in politics for you or any of us.  Yes, I know, that is no surprise.  But what is surprising is how easily today's politicians can be bought and sold.  And how every little news blip can be used to try and make a major political point from it.

   Among the myriad examples I could use, I shall use U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona as an example.  I could have used any one of the 535 Congress persons to make my point.  But this glaring political news item seems to have missed the media's attention.

   Senator McCain loves to magnify what happened in Benghazi, Libya during its civil war to make a point about several U.S. State Department staff people losing their lives.  He is focused on blaming then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for mishandling the situation and somehow causing the deaths of these people in the State Department.  "Blame" is easy to make, but in this case, almost impossible to place on any individual or department.  Things were in turmoil, communication was very limited, and confusion reigned.  Yet it makes for a possible political point for Senator McCain and other Republicans to simplify it and make it look as though Clinton threw these people under the bus.  But that simply does not hold water.  But it will be used as a political point now and in the upcoming presidential election.  And let us remember that Benghazi was half-way around the world.

   Now let us look to something far easier to prove and evaluate in Senator McCain's very backyard.  The Veteran's Administration activities in Phoenix, Arizona have been under fire for a long time.  It has been known widely that complaints were pouring out of the VA's offices in Phoenix.  One would have to have been blind, deaf, and had their head in the sand not to realize the problems with the V.A. in Phoenix.

   Yet over 40 of our military veterans who were waiting in line to be serviced with health care died before getting medical help.  That is just in the Phoenix V.A.!  Senator McCain has been silent about it all.  Is he to blame for not stepping in when it became very apparent that the V.A. in his own home town was blatantly negligent?  Should it be a political point in evaluating the entire Republican Party, to say nothing of McCain himself?

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