What was in the 18th century intended to be the invention of true democracy made up of states united in liberty has evolved into a dysfunctional unrepresentative body of strangely elected self-serving people most holding a high intensity social doctrine, seeking aggrandizement and justification of unfounded religious-like notions.


The general dysfunction is due primarily to the evolution of a major two-party system not mentioned in the constitution and not desired by its writers. 


It was believed by many at the time that allegiance to party would supersede the need to represent the will of the people. 


Today when the two parties are about evenly split, our election often produces a divided government and a divided sentiment among theses people to the extent that cooperation becomes a near impossibility. 


Each party proclaims an almost socially religious doctrine and each party is actually moving in opposite direction.  No agreement, no cooperation seems possible under these conditions.   


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