Time to grow up about Cuba

Who could have known that the absolute disaster that was the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba would turn out to be but one in a list of horrible decisions made by the U.S. about that island-nation?  The CIA and others in the U.S. administration totally miscalculated and misdirected our reaction to the popular take-over in Cuba by Fidel Castro and his left-wing group.

Oh, we have made a habit of foreign stupidity in our international dealings.  Think Vietnam, Iraq, etc.  But the Cuban stupidity never ends.  It is all made even more disasterous when one considers who and what we supported before and after Castro's regime.  Before Castro, Cuba was raped economically, politically, and socially by selfish interests, often directly supported by U.S. interests.  This included houses of prostitution, gambling halls, and all sorts of questionable activities.  Cuban lives were dependent upon these kinds of "entrepreneurs."  The political leadership before Castro was led by Batista, a crooked, despicable thug.

For decades now, the U.S. has had a variety of blockades and blockade-like sanctions on anything connected to Cuba.  Castro did not make Cuba a Garden of Eden, but he certainly replaced hell-on-earth for many Cubans.  Yes, the Soviet-supported regime of Fidel Castro left much to be desired.  But the island's people were in need of international support to rebound after replacing the horrible Batista gang.  The U.S. was not available to help.  While it may have seemed a good and proper decision by the U.S. at the time, long ago we should have dramatically altered the way we made Cuba an outcast.

Besides cleaning up the corruption and sin-laden government of Batista, Castro did some other good things.  The healthcare system is a remarkable achievement.  Education for all is available.  But there is still much to do in Cuba.  Certainly our blackades have not helped.  And they have not achieved anything close to their intended objective; to bring down the Castro regime.  Our stubborn actions against Cuba have nations and people the world over scratching their heads to try and figure out why we do what we do there.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., the old leaders of the Batista culture have taken up residency and citizenship in the United States.  They have transformed Florida into a different state.  And they have been a power in American politics.  While some politicians in the U.S. bow to Cuban-American pressure, it is impossible to justify the thinking and the history of many former bordello owners and gambling hall operators.   They represent a seedy side of free enterprise.

The action that is finally necessary is simple.  End all the blockades and attempts at isolating Cuba.  Let trade, tourism, etc. become open between our two nations.  We have embarrassed ourselves in the way we have treated Cuba.  Get over it!

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