Who are we hating now?

If there is one constant in the evolution of "civilization," it has been bigotry, prejudice, war, hatred, etc.  Now we see Moslems as a violent "group" of people.  Let's take a look...

Islam is about 1500 years old.  What was happening in Christianity in its 15th century or so?  Well, John Huss was being burned at the stake for questioning Roman Catholic actions and beliefs.  He was not alone in being punished by the Church this way.  And in Germany a guy name Martin Luther was starting something that would evolve into Protestantism and Lutheranism.  Because of that, thousands upon thousands of people would be murdered by other "Christians" in the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.

Do you remember the Crusades?  "Christians" from all over Europe marched as an army on Jerusalem to take it back from the hated Moslems.  It was as though "Christians" felt they owned Jerusalem.  Moslems were slaughtered by the thousands.  In fact, "Christians" bragged about being in blood of Moslems up to their ankles.  It was brutality beyond belief.

What was the predominant religion of the Germans who murdered six million Jews in the 1930s and 1940s?  It was Christianity.  Yes, leaders in Germany and Italy during the fascist governments were brutal and ruthless in the way they treated non-Christians.  And the Christian churches remained rather silent during it all.  Those few Christian leaders who fought against this wholesale murder became well-known for their heroism and uniqueness. 

The Christians who came to colonize the New World treated Native Americans atrociously for centuries.  And the slave trade was conducted by "Christians." 

"Christians" in democracies did not permit women the right to vote or even own property.  Women were denied education, certain jobs, etc.  "Christians" denied minorities the right to vote in the "democratic" USA.

But that was long ago, you say.  Was it?  Who do you think it was that lied about Barack Obama's birthplace, religious beliefs, etc.?  Those lies were broadcast by "Christians."

Who do you think wants to keep immigrants from Latin America from entering the U.S. under almost any circumstances?  Not only is that select bigotry held by "Christians," it was the very blood lines of "Christians" who entered the U.S. without any visa or permit in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Ellis Island was besieged with immigrants from Europe, most of whom were "Christians."  And no papers required.

Who do you think built this country?  Immigrants.

And so it goes.  No one is excusing the violent activities of some Moslems today.  But Christianity is covered with a history of violence, hatred, bigotry, war, murder, etc.

Might it be time for each of us to take stock of our own heritage, our own beliefs, our own opinions?

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