If Washington D.C. didn’t have the Iraq region to be so wise about, what would they be talking about this early summer.  Those coming up for re-election in the fall would seem to have done a disappearance act all these years.


Perhaps they should do an end-of-the-term exam like school kids before being permitted to run for office again.  Did they do enough as government officials to qualify for a re-run?    


The inventors of the Congress didn’t see its members being present all year round, even for a few days-a-weeks, passing the same legislation over and over again as though they forgot that they passed it a few days ago.  ‘Saved them writing new proposals over and over again.


Voters this fall should have another “dump the tea in the Boston Harbor,” except this time, dump all re-running candidates in the Potomac.   Let's not vote for re-runs.  That would be our protest against do-nothing unrepresentative candidates.


New candidates too should pass a test on the history of war failures in Iraq and surrounding region before being permitted to run, so that if they are just going to talk about war that they would be able to know more of what they are talking about. 


They could earn a few points by visiting wounded soldiers in VA hospitals or am I too just talking?  At least I’m not running for office.   


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